Laser vision correction in College Park

When it comes to enhancing your vision the most common way is through a vision correction, such as eyeglasses and contact lenses. Eyeglasses are the most common medical intervention. However, each year more people are opting to correct their vision on a more permanent basis through laser surgery by either the LASIK or PRK procedures. Our eye doctor is available to consult with patients considering one of these procedures as a first step to see if either laser eye surgery College Park is right for them.

Using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and technology our doctor at Contact Lens Associates will exam your eyes, especially the cornea, which is the cause of most vision problems and the site for laser eye surgery College Park to determine if you are a candidate for either procedure. Our doctor will discuss his findings with you and explain both of the procedures, their benefits and risks as well as answer all your questions and concerns. Both LASIK and PRK can only be performed by an ophthalmologist who has been specially trained in the procedures. Essentially, LASIK and PRK reshape the cornea to change the focal point of the incoming light, which permanently corrects vision. There should be no difference in the long-term results from either procedure.

During the examination our doctor will determine your refractive error (lens prescription), inspect your pupils and the front surface of the eye, an elevation mapping of the eye and measure the thickness of the cornea as well as pressure testing of the eye and dilation of the pupils. Based on this exam our doctor will determine if you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery College Park. Patients with thin or steep corneas, a history of dry eye or large pupils are not good LASIK candidates. PRK is an alternative to LASIK for those who cannot undergo LASIK. The two procedures differ in their approach; LASIK creates a hinged flap in the middle layer of the cornea, while in PRK the outer layer of the cornea is removed. The recovery is longer and more uncomfortable with PRK but it is an alternative for those patients who can’t benefit from LASIK. If you are considering laser vision correction make your first stop at our office and let our doctor determine which procedure is best for you and have a frank discussion into all the parameters of the surgery.

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