Optical Lab Services

optical lab

We are proud to have a complete Optical Finishing Laboratory on the premises, stocked with lenses, and fully equipped to provide our patients with fast, convenient service on all eyeglasses. The usual delay of sending work to an outside laboratory is therefore prevented. This also has obvious advantages should repairs be necessary and particularly in emergencies, since many prescriptions can be ready within hours. Furthermore, eliminating unnecessary outside sources minimizes the cost of eyeglasses to the patient. Most of our patients find these services quite convenient and we hope you will also.

For your convenience we have summarized below many of the available Lens Materials, Lens Treatments, Lens Designs, and Lens Treatment Packages available for your eyeglass needs. These options help to customize specific uses for a particular pair of eyeglasses so that their functional value will be maximized.

Lens Materials

plastic lenses

  • Plastic Lenses – Stronger than glass and half the weight. Maximum comfort and durability. Can be tinted to almost any color and density.
  • Lighter, Thinner Lenses – Revolutionary high-index lens material offers stronger prescriptions in a thinner, lighter lens. No more “coke-bottle” lenses! Provides comfort and UV protection.
  • Lenses that Darken – Photosensitive lenses tint automatically, adjusting to the intensity of light passing

Lens Treatments


Before purchasing your eyewear, consider the advantage of each of our lens coatings. Think of your glasses as a tool. With the addition of proper coatings, this tool can perform well beyond simple vision correction and actually enhance your day-to-day performance, appearance and stamina.

  • Tinting – Blocks transmittance of light waves, reducing glare and strain.
    UV-400 – Blocks UVA, UVB and UVC bands of ultraviolet light waves. Effective in reducing the risk of cataract development. Sources include fluorescent lighting as well as natural lights.
  • Scratch-Resistant – While not making plastic, polycarbonate or high-index lenses “scratch proof,” it will harden the surface making them less susceptible to scratching from everyday wear. Our warranty will replace scratched lenses once in two years at no charge with the purchase of this coating.
  • Anti-Reflective – Improves vision in all lighting conditions by allowing more light to reach the eye. Anti-reflective coating eliminates reflection while dramatically improving night vision/night driving and easing fatigue from computer work or reading in harsh light.

Lens Designs

  • Single-Vision Lenses – Great all-purpose glasses for simple prescriptions. Popular choice for single-usage or occupational glasses (computer glasses, reading glasses).
  • Flat-Top Bifocals – Good for close-up work. Offers variable bifocal widths to accommodate many close-up jobs. Available in glass or plastic.
  • Franklin Style Bifocals – Offers a wider field of vision for close-up work. Available in glass or plastic.

  • Trifocals – Added lens segments provide clear vision close-up, far away, and in-between. Facilitates all types of work.
  • Blended Bifocals – Blended or “seamless” bifocals have had their lines polished out, making them virtually invisible. Great for close-up work.
  • Progressive Bifocals – Progressive (no-line) lenses offer all the benefits of bifocals plus the cosmetic appearance of single-vision lenses. They provide clear vision close-up, at a distance, and at arms length.